Lo Puy Valle Maira - Azienda Agrituristica
agosto 16th, 2017
Benvenuti nello spazio virtuale di una borgata di montagna…
che è assolutamente reale e VIVE!
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Tasting Products: welcome!

You're welcome!

At La Chabrochanto you can taste goat cheeses and goat meat from our farm Lo Puy.

We have:

– a selection of our goat cheese served with handmade bread cooked in a wood oven

– goat cheese and seasonal organic vegetables

– goat meat prepared following recipes inspired by the shepherds’ tradition


Reservation is required. During the summer we are open daily. In winter we are open only in the weekend or on public holidays. 

The restaurant has 50 indoor places and a large outdoor space with beautiful views of the mountains of Valle Maira.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email for further information or to discuss the menu for lunches, dinners, parties or events.

La Chabrochanto is on a working farm, so you are welcome to visit the stables and our animals.


By foot: walking on the ancient and panoramic trail starting from S.Damiano (about 20 mins) or on the Occitan trails (on the Roccabruna-Pagliero path, 15 mins from the crossroads)
By minibus: you can park your car at S.Damiano and use our minibus service (minimum 6 people)
By car: parking available next to the farm


Lo Puy farm – Podio hamlet – 12029 S.Damiano Macra (CN) – ITALY
Phone no: 00393393155848   
e-mail: info@lopuyvallemaira.it

Organic cheese made with unpasteurized milk from mountain reared goats

After the initial idea in 1998, this project started on the 17th May 1999, when the first goats arrived. We chose a herd of Saanen goats and selected them for being well suited to the mountain pasture and good at milk production. Since then until 2002 we built up the stable and the cheese factory. The choice of organic farming was natural due to the mountain environment we are living in, nevertheless it requires the use of only certified organic cereals to feed the goats in addition to rough grazing and forbids the use of synthetic drugs. The farm is located at 1000m in Valle Maira, an Oc language valley in the Province of Cuneo, on which steep slopes oak and chestnut woods were prevalent and now are being gradually replaced by ash trees and wild brambles. This is the ideal place for mountain pasture goats and that is why dins les ronses lhi chabres (the goats in the brambles) has been chosen as our motto. We chose to breed goats because of our passion for goat cheese that we developed in the French countryside and the idea that it deserved to be promoted here as well. To enhance the flavours and nutritional properties of goat cheese we use raw, unpasteurized milk. Thus the vitamins and oligoelements are preserved, together with its natural milk ferments which are representative of the scents and flavours present in the pasture land where the goats live. To be fully appreciated, our cheese needs to be eaten at room temperature and preferably kept in a cellar rather than in the fridge.

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